The musical score for the film was produced by Ian Hall with Kuljit Sodhi, leader of the group Galitcha. One song featured, Dhooron Ayia, with music and lyrics composed by Kuljit, is the song of a passenger on the Komagata Maru, reflecting on his situation as he watches the days pass. He recalls the hardships he experienced in departing from loved ones and the world he knew. He wonders at his treatment and asks the Canadian people what his destiny will be (Galitcha’s Celebration BLE d’INDE Celebration CD).

Songwriter and musician, Kuljit also produced much of the music for the films Searching for the Sikhs of Tod Inlet and Beyond the Gardens’ Wall. As lead singer and songwriter for the group Galitcha, Kuljit has co-produced two CDs of East Indian music combined with other international traditional music, which includes Chinese traditional instruments and Canadian folk music.


Dis-Immigration: Stemming the Flow from India
is being shown at the Victoria Film Festival
Tuesday February 5, 2013
Empire Theatre, 805 Yates Street
9:45 pm

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